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James Peterson has been a Windows Systems Administrator and A+ Certified Repair Technician since 1998. He earned a Bachelors degree in Computer Science from PSU in 2001. James has worked in software support for over 15 years and is considered an expert on Windows repair software.

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My Windows Repair Tool

I gotta say out of all the years I have been a tech, no Windows repair software has made me feel this useless when it comes to repairing Windows. Before I started using Regcure I had to fix Windows manually. I had to sift through the entire operating system to find the problem. Now I just run Regcure and like magic the problems solved. I now consider Windows repair software to be as vital as a virus program. I would consider it very foolish not to invest a few dollars in a program that will repair and maintain a pc that cost hundreds. Do yourself a favor and download this windows repair tool!

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Regcure’s Windows Repair Software

A broken Windows operating system repaired
Truth be told RegCure improves Windows performance and will get your pc running better than ever!

Repair windows errors the easy way. Manage Start up items, perform backups, and remove Malware. This Windows Repair Tool will get your computer running great in no time.

Regcure’s Features

The latest version of our Windows Repair tool

  • All in one Windows Repair Application
  • You don’t need a Manual – If you can’t operate it what’s the point?
  • Repairs Windows Errors
  • Registry Repair Program
  • Removes Malware Programs
  • Speeds up Computer Start up
  • Defrags Memory – (Great for older Systems)
  • Cleans up Junk Files

Windows repair application

Software for Windows Repair

Scan for errors, set up automatic back ups and view results all on one screen. Regcure makes the Windows restoration process very straight forward.

Fully customizable allowing you to control how Regcure operates. Regcure provides a very powerful start up manager which allows you to control what applications load at start up. Start up applications can really bog Windows down. Regcure offers a very easy way to manage these programs.

This application will mend your damaged operating system and save your computer from its ultimate destruction.

A damaged Windows Operating System Backup and Restore

For Windows 7, Vista and XP users Regcure offers an easy to use back up and restore feature. Recover from system errors the easy way by running Regure’s restore tool. Protect your operating system against catastrophic failures by setting up automatic back ups.

A repaired Windows operating systemAutomatic or Manual Scan

Regcure’s Windows Repair Software has the ability to automatically scan your registry but also allows you to manual guide the processes.

Our windows repair software maintain a healthy operating systemBuilt in Scheduler

Regcure offers a more hands off approach to system maintenance. Set up a system start up scan or assign a daily, weekly or monthly scan.

Repair Windows quick and easyRemoves Invalid class keys and shell extensions

Non-working class keys and shell extensions can seriously slow down your PC. RegCure’s Windows repair tool scans and eliminates these errors.

Windows Repair toolRemoves Empty Registry Keys

Registry keys that hold no data can slow down your system Regcure removes them quick and easy.

Regcure is a Microsoft certified Partner

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